Intimate Weddings and Exceptional Honeymoons

The Caribbean and Riviera Maya offer as many romantic vacation options as there are couples in love! Whether you want to spend your special trip being active or relaxing on the beach, we can provide an intimate destination wedding or exceptional honeymoon experience tailored just for you. We spend time learning to know you and crafting your personal vacation plan down to the little details that will make your experience extra special.

Alta Vista Vacations takes the pressure off you to plan the perfect intimate wedding or exceptional honeymoon!

We can help you figure out how you (both!) really want to spend your trip. There are so many options for place to go, places to stay, things to do or not do. Do you see yourselves drinking champagne in the Jacuzzi on your private balcony, zip lining in the jungle, diving every day, or do seven days of nothing but beach lounging sound better? Do you see yourselves making new friends at the swim-up bar, or with your own plunge pool and butler? Do you see waves crashing on the shoreline rocks or lapping at the sandy beach? Do you see strolling on the beach in the moonlight, or partying it up at the disco in your photo album?

Have you ever booked a stay at a property that really looked good, sounded good, and was a super bargain? And when you got there – not so much! It would have been great for spring break, though, or for a family on vacation with the kids, or if you had only wanted a place to sleep! But for your special romantic vacation – again, not so much! Now, not only did you waste your money, you didn’t do any favors for your precious time together!

We have more time for planning and booking all the details than you do, we can guarantee it. It’s what we do for a living, after all! And it does take time to track down the best options, packages, and flights and to make sure that all the details of that booking are correct in the systems. Do you want to make the calls to St. Lucia to find out about arranging a private sunset cruise or flowers in the suite? We do!