Happily Ever After

The Ultimate Proposal – Part One

I’ll leave the ring decision to you, your jeweler and your financial advisor.  What I can help you with is the logistics for possibly the most romantic occasion of your life!  No pressure of course, but this is your big chance to create a great memory!

Here’s the story of one man, who doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body, but is head-over-heels in love with his girlfriend.   He started the process by contacting me to plan a surprise “no special occasion” trip to the Riviera Maya.  I helped him choose an intimate boutique resort, on the beach of course, known for exceptional service and amenities.   As we talked, he mentioned that he was planning to propose in the near future.  The light bulb went off, I asked if he might want to do that while on vacation, and said I’d really love to help him plan it.  The clever man jumped at the chance, of course.

For the big day, I booked a surprise (to her) lovely Sky Massage for the couple in the late afternoon.  If you’ve never enjoyed a massage in a cabana set over the ocean, it’s time you did – possibly the most relaxing experience ever!  A little down time at their suite and then it was off to the lounge for a nice cocktail before dinner, where the maître de came to “invite” them to their table.  She wasn’t expecting the private candle light beach dinner (lobster of course!), and was totally impressed that he had managed to produce two amazing events for her, and in the same day even!  The helpful staff had set up his I-Pod and dock, so they could enjoy a little music with the sound of the waves in the background.  We had planned for him to propose when they were served dessert, but of course he was way too excited and nervous to wait.  Before the appetizer had been cleared, he was on his knee in the sand.  She, of course, said YES!

And they lived happily ever after!

This is a true story!  Since then, I’ve helped them with their  wedding at the same property, their honeymoon and three anniversary trips.  If you’d like to enjoy the same results, I’ll be happy to do my part.  The Happily Ever After is up to you!


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