I can’t decide where to go!

If you’ve been browsing the internet, trying to decide on where you’d like to go for your honeymoon, I feel your pain!  How many great places are there to go, anyway?  And they all look so good – look at all the happy people!

Before you even start to work with a travel advisor, here are a few things to consider:

  • Look at the pretty picture!:

Everyone, you included, has a picture in their head of their honeymoon.  Close your eyes and see it.  Are you walking hand in hand down a deserted white sand beach, palm trees blowing in the wind?  Maybe you’re mountain biking your way through a rainforest and picnicking by a waterfall.  It could be that you see yourselves at a sidewalk café, watching the people go by.

  • I don’t know, what do you want to do?:

It’s no good planning to visit ancient Mayan ruins in Jamaica, or rainforest biking in Aruba – they don’t have ‘em!  If you plan to be active, beyond power-lounging competitions, you need to go where those activities are available.  If the big, beautiful, un-crowded beach is where you want to spend your days, Waikiki is out!   

  • What’s so important about that?:

Your honeymoon is no time to settle for less.  If your picture (the one in your head) shows you lounging in really great suite, you might consider enjoying that in one of the more value-oriented destinations.  Tahiti is great, but if you spend your budget getting there you won’t have the price of that over-water bungalow – you’ll be in a high-rise chain hotel!   You might be happier in a premium suite in the Riviera Maya, or the Caribbean.

If you take a little time and start thinking about just these three things, preferably with your fiancée, you’ll be amazed at how much clearer and less stressful the whole process becomes.  Providing this information for your travel agent to work with is exactly what she needs to plan a wonderful, memorable (in the best way!) honeymoon for you.


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