It’s never too early!

I ran across this bit of news today, and I thought it nicely backed up what I’ve been telling my clients for a long time.  (Reuters) – Major U.S. airlines announced further 2011 capacity reductions on Tuesday to cope with increasing fuel prices.  The article went on to say “Delta currently estimates its fuel bill will rise 35 percent this year, or about $3 billion” and also included this most pertinent statement: “While capacity restraint should help, the key to overcoming higher fuel costs is to increase revenue,” said Beverly Goulet, a vice president with American Airlines.

Being a very clever and savvy travel agent, I put all this together and said “Why, I’ll just bet we could see some increases in airfare pretty soon!”

The point to all this is that it reinforces my message.  Why not book ahead?

  1. Many tour operators offer price guarantees on plenty of their choice resort properties – if the price drops, you can re-book at the lower price.  What’s to lose?
  2. Deposits are usually small, even as low as $50.00 on some packages that include carter flights!  This gives you a chance to pay for your vacation over time, so you can more easily budget for that family trip to Mexico for Christmas or your dream honeymoon in the Caribbean next fall.  And you aren’t tying up large amounts of money for 10 months or so.
  3. The resort options are still wide open giving you more options for the particular oceanfront suite you’ve been wanting, or that really nice property you wanted to enjoy this year that unfortunately had no openings.
  4. You can request your preferred vacation days before everyone has them reserved!

 You know you’re going to want to go – plan ahead!


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