Planning 101: Step Two

Planning 101:  Step Two

Congratulations, you’ve had a great time talking about your ideas and visions for your honeymoon!  You guys are so romantic!

Step Two is not quite as simple, but is really important.  What kind of traveler are you?  Hopefully, you’ll share similar traits that will make your travel together satisfying to both of you!  Let’s talk about some (well, I’ll write and you read, and then you can talk amongst yourselves!)

The “It’s a Global Village” type

  • you are easy-going and comfortable, you talk to everyone you meet.  Your new best friend is, well, everyone!
  • you ask for advice from locals for food, bars, fishing spots, best shopping, and where they go when they go to the beach
  • you love to eat all the local dishes
  • you actually want to learn to Soca
  • you shop in places where there are no tourist tee shirts and plastic maracas.
  • you don’t see why you shouldn’t rent a car and drive on The Wrong Side of The Road!  (Me – never again!)
  • you might want a luxury villa, an apartment, a cabana on the beach.  You don’t need the structure of a more Americanized resort.

The world is an endlessly interesting and friendly place, and there are friends waiting to be made anywhere you go!

Next time:  the “What do you mean –  no Beach Butlers!” type



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