Planning 101: the first step!

Surprisingly, a lot of couples skip this one.  Not a great idea folks, unless you want to come back from that romantic escape sleeping on the far side of that king-sized bed!

It’s deceptively simple: talk to each other about what you see yourselves doing on this honeymoon, or anniversary or getaway.  You may be surprised to find yourselves in different parts of the globe, hopefully not!

  • “When I wake up, I want to have my coffee on a beautiful patio/balcony, overlooking the beach/mountains.” 
  • “I want to dive/shop/gamble all day!” 
  • “Competitive beach lounging/mountain biking is my goal.”
  • “I see us walking hand in hand on a deserted beach in the moonlight.”  (Seriously, that’s what my husband said about our honeymoon!   He got mileage out of that for years!)

When you’ve reached some sort of consensus, call your travel agent, share your ideas and let her run with them!

And off you go!


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