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Let’s start by admitting that I am not a man.  

That said, I do know quite a few, most of whom are successful professionals out there in the workforce.  You go to work every day, where you manage complex projects and accounts, interact with people, and just generally perform adult tasks.  Most of us agree that men can be considered capable individuals.

And as for not being good at or interested in romance – who proposed, anyway?  That’s romantic, right?  You must have known what would touch her heart!  You have to know her tastes, wishes and dreams in order to pull that off.  I mean, she said yes after all!

And yet there exists an assumption by most of the wedding industry that everything should be researched and planned by the bride.  It’s as if no groom or husband would care about this most romantic of occasions, or be able to manage the details of such an important trip. I don’t buy it!   As a honeymoon planner, I think grooms are great to work with.  The men I work with are intelligent, capable, knowledgeable and committed to finding a great trip.  Overall, they have less stress caused by planning a wedding (they aren’t the ones trying to find the perfect dress, and the perfect shoes, and the perfect jewelry to go with all of it, nor should they be – have you ever really looked at men’s shoes, come on!)  

Tradition has it that the groom plans the honeymoon as a gift to his new bride, a wonderful way to start their married life.  My clients also like to plan surprises for their bride (I can’t give an example here, being pledged to secrecy!) as an extra romantic touch – very nice! 

This isn’t meant to say that it needs to be a solo effort on your part.  Usually it works well for a couple to start or finish the process together.  It also takes time and a good travel agent (really!) to put together a truly memorable trip.  There are forms to complete, questions to answer and information to provide, options to evaluate, and details to discuss.

Let me be your expert resource: I’ll help you create the memories that will last long after the toaster you got for your wedding breaks!


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