A travel agent wouldn’t be the best choice for planning your hometown wedding, certainly!  However, if the wedding is to be held at a resort that just so happens to be out of the country, a travel agent would absolutely be the first choice.

There are oodles of details involved in planning even the simplest of backyard weddings – now imagine planning it in someone else’s backyard that’s 1600 miles away!   A Destination Wedding planner can help to package up the whole event, from helping to choose the resort, location and ceremony options to getting the best flights for you and your guests.  The value of a good specialist in time management, peace of mind and even pricing can be amazing.

Your specialist will be the one who coordinates and manages the actual travel (flights and transfers) and implements group pricing and room availability for the resort.  A group contract isn’t always about price, but it can be a cost savings, or result in added values for the wedding couple. Perhaps you have guests coming from several different cities, or staying for differing lengths of time?  Some group contracts can accommodate that situation.

Resorts, especially the all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Riviera Maya usually have entire departments devoted to weddings.  She’ll help you to interface with them.  She’ll be familiar with the resorts and how their programs work, where the ceremony locations are and the many options available.  In many cases she’ll have been there, toes in the sand!

Your resort selection is one of the biggest decisions affecting your wedding, and finding the exact right one is the first step.  That will hinge on your vision for your wedding, both the actual wedding ceremony and the rest of the time you and your guests plan to spend at the resort.  Remember, it’s also a vacation for them!

We hate to talk about the budget but seriously, everyone has one even if its $10,000,000.   Being upfront and realistic doesn’t mean that your specialist will try to spend every last dime, just that we’ll try to get you the very best wedding and stay within it!

Many, in fact most, of the resorts offer some sort of “free” wedding.  The availability of that very nice perk often depends on how many room nights you book, how many guests will book rooms, and often the room category as well.   That can have a huge impact on that budget!

Travel in general, and weddings themselves, are well known to have little “hick-ups”.  A destination Wedding planner will be familiar with the areas that typically are prone to them, and help you avoid them, or deal with them as they arise.  We’re not miracle workers, but it’s amazing what we can do to help!


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