The Price is NOT Always Right!

Do you want to talk about how I can beat a travel deal you found out there on the web?  Best price = best trip, that’s all there is to it,right?  Why would you want to use my services?

I‘d rather talk about my relationship with you, my future clients.  I’d like to clarify your understanding of what travel agents (like me!) do, and how you can benefit from our services.

Yes, I said “relationship” 

That’s the benefit to you – I actually get to know you.  We talk, and I actually listen to what you have to say about your thoughts, wishes and dreams for your honeymoon (or engagement, or wedding or anniversary)!

Then the expertise factor comes into play

Travel professionals put a great deal of time, effort and funds into their education.  We learn about the multitudes of destinations available to you through classes, seminars and inspection trips.  We develop relationships with the tour operators, resort managers, restaurant owners and a myriad of other resources.  We study airlines’ fare patterns, routes and schedules.  By utilizing the professional tools at our disposal, we can advise you well and help you make the very best choices for your trip

Finally, we manage the details! 

The insurance, reservations, bookings, and follow-up – I’ll do it, no stone left unturned!  Passports, marriage license requirements, TSA rules, baggage fees – I’ll tell you about it.  Special dinners under the stars, fireworks on your wedding night, the right room – I’ll arrange it.  If, heaven forbid, something goes awry – I’ll deal with it and do our best to fix it for you.

Travel agents really aren’t in the business of selling travel.   The “Best Deal Around” companies (you know who they are!) sell travel.   We sell our services as consultants, advisors and facilitators.  Our job is to help you make the best possible buying decision, and then take care of the details.   It really is all about you!


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