The snow is coming, the snow is coming!

My long awaited trip to Jamaica is finally here – we leave at the crack of o’dark-hundred tomorrow morning.  I’m mostly packed (that’s another story), my son will be here to take care of the dogs and the house, and we have transportation to the airport all set.  Everything is in order. 

Then, the weather man spoils it all – a really big snow is coming, right on the morning we depart!  What to do?  I don’t want to get snowed in, I don’t want to sit at the airport for the whole day – I want to get out of town!  

So, I booked a park- stay-fly package instead of risking the drive to the airport.  If the snow forecast changes today, I may cancel later this afternoon, but if not, I don’t need to worry about not making it to the airport.  Then I took my own advice, and checked the airline’s website.  I checked the flight status, copied the phone number into my cell phone, and the website address into my notes.    My plan is simple – check the status this afternoon, tonight, and again when I get up if need be.  

If it’s delayed, I can put off going to the airport accordingly.  If the flight is cancelled, I’ll call the airline or re-book online.  If it is cancelled while I’m waiting at the airport, despite my efforts to not be waiting at the airport, I’ll get in line at the ticket counter but while I’m there, I’ll still use my phone and call the airline or re-book online. 

Remember in my first post when I said get to the airport early?  I always do, despite the reaction of my friends and family!  Most airlines do not move up the flight time without a reasonable notification period, so that should cover that eventuality.   And first checked in – last bumped!  

 Bring a book, eat a meal, have a cocktail, play backgammon, get a chair massage, shop – relax!   You’re on vacation!


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