1. Because you can!

The wedding industry has historically given you guys a bad rap and intimated that only brides (and their mothers of course) can plan anything connected to “The Wedding”. You are successful professionals in America’s workforce. You go to work every day, you make educated decisions, manage a budget, schedule your time, interact with others in a socially acceptable manner, and just generally perform adult tasks. I personally think you can handle it!

2. It’s fun!

What’s not to like about checking out beautiful islands, great beaches, fun stuff to do and counting the swim-up bars? It’s a happy occasion, all about fun and romance. There are a bazillion places to go, and each of them has a bazillion resorts – there’s something for everyone and every budget!

3. Reference #2.

Since you aren’t the one out trying to find the perfect wedding dress, shoes, and jewelry to match, you have the time and energy to sit down with a travel planner and look through those bazillion options. Actually, a good travel planner will narrow those options down considerably, but it still takes time. Less stress for your fiancée – happier life for you!


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