Should my travel agent help plan my wedding? Well, yes and no!

A travel agent wouldn’t be the best choice for planning your hometown wedding, certainly!  However, if the wedding is to be held at a resort that just so happens to be out of the country, a travel agent would absolutely be the first choice. There are oodles of details involved in planning even the simplest of backyard... read more »


Planning 101: Step Two

Planning 101:  Step Two Congratulations, you’ve had a great time talking about your ideas and visions for your honeymoon!  You guys are so romantic! Step Two is not quite as simple, but is really important.  What kind of traveler are you?  Hopefully, you’ll share similar traits that will make your travel together... read more »


Planning 101: the first step!

Surprisingly, a lot of couples skip this one.  Not a great idea folks, unless you want to come back from that romantic escape sleeping on the far side of that king-sized bed! It’s deceptively simple: talk to each other about what you see yourselves doing on this honeymoon, or anniversary or getaway.  You may be surprised... read more »


I can’t decide where to go!

If you’ve been browsing the internet, trying to decide on where you’d like to go for your honeymoon, I feel your pain!  How many great places are there to go, anyway?  And they all look so good – look at all the happy people! Before you even start to work with a travel advisor, here are a few things to consider: Look... read more »


The Price is NOT Always Right!

Do you want to talk about how I can beat a travel deal you found out there on the web?  Best price = best trip, that’s all there is to it,right?  Why would you want to use my services? I‘d rather talk about my relationship with you, my future clients.  I’d like to clarify your understanding of what travel agents... read more »


Such a deal!

As I was conditioning my hair in the shower this morning, I took time to read the bottle.  I am in shock!  The shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my entire body says “for extra volume and body”!  Seriously, why have I not noticed this before?  It certainly explains a lot! Ok, this is a joke.  Although... read more »


Top 3 Reasons Why the Groom Should Plan the Honeymoon

 1. Because you can! The wedding industry has historically given you guys a bad rap and intimated that only brides (and their mothers of course) can plan anything connected to “The Wedding”. You are successful professionals in America’s workforce. You go to work every day, you make educated decisions, manage a budget,... read more »


Beyond the chain – thoughts on getting the most from your trip!

the real deal in Jamaica During a recent road trip, my daughter and I were talking (ok, lamenting) the fact that everywhere we went we saw the same thing.  Literally, the same thing!  Chain restaurants, chain hotels, chain stores – if you closed your eyes in Minnesota and opened them in Kentucky, you might not know... read more »


Happily Ever After

The Ultimate Proposal – Part One I’ll leave the ring decision to you, your jeweler and your financial advisor.  What I can help you with is the logistics for possibly the most romantic occasion of your life!  No pressure of course, but this is your big chance to create a great memory! Here’s the story of one man,... read more »


It’s never too early!

I ran across this bit of news today, and I thought it nicely backed up what I’ve been telling my clients for a long time.  (Reuters) – Major U.S. airlines announced further 2011 capacity reductions on Tuesday to cope with increasing fuel prices.  The article went on to say “Delta currently estimates its fuel... read more »