First stop – Sandals Negril!

yes, I said the lobby! The first impression of Sandals Negril was the cool, comfortable lobby.  The lobby? Seriously, it was great with comfy furniture, cool lighting and the prospect of a great stay right in front of you! Straight through, I could see it– a slice of Seven Mile Beach in Negril!   People were power... read more »


In case of emergency…

This post is inspired by the very grim news of the earthquake in Japan this week.  As you may have seen,  I don’t normally like to write in  a totally factual and serious manner.  My job is planning vacation travel, which is a pretty cheery topic and I like to indulge my inner child!  I advise my clients to... read more »


Share the joy!

Let’s start by admitting that I am not a man.   That said, I do know quite a few, most of whom are successful professionals out there in the workforce.  You go to work every day, where you manage complex projects and accounts, interact with people, and just generally perform adult tasks.  Most of us agree that men... read more »


Sandals, Sandals everywhere – and me with my boots back on!

My mission was to explore every Sandals property in Jamaica – no small feat (pun intended!)  I went, I saw, I returned home to another foot of snow!  Oh well! This post will start my inspection report, with the question I heard from guests at every single property I visited – “Which is the best?”  There is no... read more »


The snow is coming, the snow is coming!

My long awaited trip to Jamaica is finally here – we leave at the crack of o’dark-hundred tomorrow morning.  I’m mostly packed (that’s another story), my son will be here to take care of the dogs and the house, and we have transportation to the airport all set.  Everything is in order.  Then, the weather man... read more »


Counting down the days…

This new snow really makes me excited about my trip to Jamaica. Warm sun, sea and sand! Don’t be too jealous, it won’t be all play – I’m inspecting seven Sandals properties, some boutique hotels on the Cliffs in Negril, and the Couples resorts.  I’ll be talking to guests and staff, taking... read more »


Don’t Let Your Honeymoon Be Like Everyone Else’s

Let’s get out of the habit of talking about honeymoons as if there was only one way to go about it.  Honeymoons shouldn’t be generic! For most people, the picture that flashes into the brain is the beautiful beach, and often, strangely enough, you’re not even on that beach in the picture!  It’s sand, sea, and... read more »


Nighty Night, Sleep Tight? This could be you!

While on a recent site inspection at Beaches Turks and Caicos, we were treated to a demonstration of a new children’s activity.  It’s a terrific tuck-in bedtime story experience, and is really a super treat for the kids!  One of the Sesame Street characters and a very talented Beaches staff person visits your rooms,... read more »


How much is too much?

How much is too much?  I bet you were thinking that I was talking about the price of your honeymoon – not this time!  (I’ll get to that later!) What I want to talk about is the concept of “best”.  There are so many options for level of service – standard room, premium room, concierge level, butler service. ... read more »


Travel Tidbits for Airports

“Being prepared” is the number one thing travelers need to think about before leaving  My family gives me so much grief about all the details I take care of before making it to my flight, but the fact is, I manage to get there without rushing and stress.  And most importantly, I’m the one safely in my seat... read more »